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Dr. Eric Seiger is an experienced board-certified dermatologist and a highly skilled cosmetic surgeon. He has long been a community leader in medical education and training, as a faculty member of the prestigious Dermatology Residency Program at Pontiac Osteopathic Hospital.

Dr. Seiger has helped to develop new techniques for the safe removal and treatment of veins. He has frequently been published in medical journals and sought out by the media to provide expert advice and commentary.

As a leader in the field of cosmetic surgery and enhancements at The Skin and Vein Center, Dr. Eric Seiger has been designated a National Certified Physician Trainer by the makers of both Botox and Restylane. His national reputation for the use of cutting-edge technology and science has led many of the country's best known medical equipment manufacturers to ask him to introduce new products and procedures in the State of Michigan.


University of Delaware, Sept 1977 - May 1981, BA- Biology

University of Medicine and Dentistry, New Jersey School of Osteopathic Medicine, Sept 1982 Graduated May 21, 1986

Professional Training: 

Internship: Pontiac Osteopathic Hospital, July 1, 1986 to June 31,1987 Residency: Pontiac Osteopathic Hospital, August 1,1987 to August 1, 1990

Major Professional Activity:

 Office based care

Practice Focus:

 Dermatology, Dermatological Surgery, Treatment of Varicose Veins and Cosmetic Surgery.

Board Certifications

American Osteopathic Board of Dermatology Date of Certification: November 11, 1992

Professional Societies: 

American Osteopathic College Of Dermatology American Academy of Dermatology Michigan Association of Osteopathic Physicians American College of Phlebology International Society of Dermatology International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery American Osteopathic Association American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery American Society of Hair Transplantation

Hospital Affiliations: 

Pontiac Osteopathic Hospital August 3, 1990 - Present 

St. Joseph Mercy Hospital December 21, 1993 - Present 

Genesys Regional Medical May 5, 1991 - October 5, 2000

Academic Appointments: 

Dermatology Residency Program at Pontiac Osteopathic Hospital since 1991. 

Dermatology Residency Program at St. Joseph Mercy Oakland

Contributions to Medical and Surgical Literature:

1. The Nail: Published in Cutis - May, 1991

2. Cutaneous Blastomycosis with Sarcoidosis

3. A Case Report: Cutaneous Lupus Treated with Topical Trentionoin.

4. Tumescent Technique / Ambulatory Phlebotomy: Published in The Journal of Dermatologic Surgery and Oncology - (April, 1995) "Postsclerotherapy Pigmentation: Is Serrum Ferritin levels an accurate indicator?"

5. THE SUNDAY ADVANCE, Flint Michigan - Medical Review, Volume I, Number 15 (April 16, 1995): "Doctor's New Procedure Treats Varicose Veins in Office Setting"

6. THE GREAT LAKES SENIOR LIVING NEWS - Volume 2, Edition 11 (January, 1995): "New Surgical Procedure Vaporizes the Varicose Vein"

7. THE JEWISH NEWS, Detroit, Michigan - (March 10, 1995): "Not in the Vein"

8. HEALTHCARE WEEKLY REVIEW - Volume 2, Number 3 (April 5, 1995): "Doctor's Pioneer New Varicose Vein Procedure"

9. DAILY NEWS - L.A. LIFE (May 22, 1995): "Varicose Veins Stand Up To New Procedure"

10. THE TIMES LEADER, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania - (May 22, 1995): "Technique Eases Varicose Vein Pain"

11. THE NEWS & OBSERVER, Raleigh, North Carolina - ( May 22, 1995): "New Hope for Varicose Veins"

12. SOMERSET GAZETTE, Troy, Michigan - Volume 15, Number 40 ( May 29, 1995): "Pioneering Physicians Lead Michigan Medical Community in Treating Varicose Veins"

13. THE LEDGER, Lakeland, Florida - (May 30, 1995): "Treatment Eases Pain of Varicose Veins"

14. NEW WOMAN - (June, 1995): "Varicose Vein Update"

15. THE ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL - Number 156 (June 5,1995): "Varicose Up Close"

16. THE DETROIT FREE PRESS - Section F, Body and Mind ( May 16, 1995): "A Leg Up on Varicose Veins"

17. THE RECORD B (June 5, 1995): "A One Time Fix for a Pain in the Leg"

18. TRIBUNE CHRONICLE - Health / Fitness (June 13, 1995): "New Procedure Makes It Easy to Clear Your Legs"

19. YOUR HEALTH - Medical Bulletin (August 8, 1995): "New Varicose Vein Surgery"

20. HERITAGE NEWSPAPERS / PRESS & GUIDE - (December 28, 1995): "Technique Developed for Easy Treatment of Varicose Veins"

21. NATIONAL WOMEN=S HEALTH REPORT, Washington, D.C. - Volume 17, Number 6 (November / December 1995): "Millions Suffer from Varicose Veins"

22. AMBULATORY PHLEBECTOMY - Symposium - (February 24, 1996): "Transplant Operations Are a Hair-Raising Procedure"

23. THE JEWISH NEWS, Detroit, Michigan - (June 7, 1996): "Down the Drain?"

24. THE ADVISOR MACOMB, North Clinton, Michigan - (June 6, 1996): "Tumescent Technique for Local Anesthesia"

25. THE DETROIT NEWS - Metro Life, Section J ( July 3, 1996): "Less Pain & Money Can Cover Your Bald Spots"

26. THE DETROIT NEWS - Metro Section (August 30. 1996): "Painful, Ugly Varicose Veins Need Not Be a Bother Anymore"

27. DEARBORN PRESS & GUIDE , Dearborn, Michigan - (October 10, 1996): "Hair Transplant Process Improved"

28. THE ADVISOR NEWSPAPER - Dearborn, Michigan, B Section A ( October 17, 1996): "Proper Skin Care Helps People Save Face"

29. THE DETROIT FREE PRESS - Body & Mind, Section F (April 22, 1996): "The Pounds Melt Away"

30. THE SOURCE NEWSPAPER, Detroit, Michigan (May 11, 1996): "Toxin Treatment Helps Iron Our Wrinkles"

31. THE DETROIT NEWS - Metro Section C (February 14, 1997): "Toxin Offers New Wrinkle on Way to Get Smooth Skin"

32. WOMAN'S WORLD / THE WOMAN'S WEEKLY - ( June 10, 1997): "New Ways to Erase Varicose Veins"

33. CANTON OBSERVER, Canton, Michigan - ( June 29, 1997): "New Procedure Gives Patients Faster Results, Fewer Scars"




Dr. Eric Seiger
            Dr. Eric Seiger

Freedom Ink

What’s New

Dr. Eric Seiger was recently featured on ABC and Fox News for starting Freedom Ink, a free tattoo removal service for ex-gang members. 

Dr. Eric Seiger recently featured on ABC to discuss Thermage.

"Here’s what thermage does – think of your skin as a pair of jeans that are just a little too big either because they stretched, or because you lost weight.

You can gain more weight and the jeans look good. Or if they’re too baggy, you can actually take them in, and that’s like surgery. But there’s a third thing. If they’re a little loose on you, you can actually take them and throw them in the dryer so they shrink up and look good. That’s’ what thermage does."



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